Preserving the past … Securing the future

As a contemporary Lac Ste. Anne Métis community, we are currently pursuing the following aims:

  1. To honour our Ancestors through the ongoing restoration of our collective history and culture;
  2. To continue building the capacity necessary for us to act on behalf of current and future members regarding existing and proposed industrial development in our traditional territories, and
  3. To persist in developing the necessary infrastructure that allows us to provide services to our members.
Title: Dion Day Park, Gunn, AB Credit: Gunn Métis Local 55

Title: Dion Day Park, Gunn, AB

History of Dion Day Park: Dion Day Park (pronounced ‘die-on’) is situated on land once occupied by Joachim Courtepatte and his family. In the 1990’s, the park was named by Local Council Members to honour the Courtepatte descendants, including the Dion family. In so doing, we also acknowledge that the park is nearby to where Pat and Jerry Dion used to turn part of the lake into a skating rink each year. At this place, hockey tournaments would be held, with teams coming from as “far away” as Sangudo, Cherhill, Onoway, Darwell and Alberta Beach:

“These tournaments were exciting times for us.” Gayle McKenzie-Findlay, long time Gunn resident and Lac Ste. Anne Métis Elder

In recognition of our Ancestors who occupied and used the land in various places across our traditional territory, today our community acts as stewards for Dion Day Park, in conjunction with the current titleholder, Lac Ste. Anne County.